The journey of a Greek gal trying to master the British accent and make International ads.

As a Creative Solo (Art/Copy), I've been freelancing, working in agencies, and in-house(s) -literally, thanks Covid. Prior to freelancing, I most recently worked in-house as a Creative Lead at HubbleHQ. I’ve worked for Google, Amazon as well as several Ad agencies including Fallon London, MullenLowe Profero, and NOW and more. I have 8 years of experience in creative roles both B2C and B2B, developing and managing campaigns, recruiting talent, and leading creative work.

Nominated for SheSays Awards '15.


vasiliki katsarou

Vasiliki [ say it with me: vas •  ill •  eek  • key ] as a creative she switches between copy and art, depending on how dominant her creative partner is. Her favorite word is "premises", and she thinks that she doesn't use enough the word "although". She doesn't have any awards yet, so she invented one. She went viral by launching the LionArse Award. She likes puns and clean design. She loves animals - extinct and living species - and salty food. Vasiliki means royal in Greek. 

Adobe trained, Facebook invitee,

BadassGal nominee  


Conceptual Creative,

Art Direction, Print, Digital & Web, Snappy Copy.

Selected Agencies&



- Leagas Delaney

- Fallon

- Sapient Nitro

- TMW Unlimited

- Cult LDN

- NBC Universal

- Therapy

- Google

- Amazon

- Samsung


- Virgin

- Ferrero

- Cadbury