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Vasiliki Katsarou is a freelance Art Director who can actually write. whaaat? Say it with me: vas •  ill •  eek  • key. As a creative she switches between copy and art, depending on how dominant her partner is. Her favourite word is "premises", and she thinks that we don’t use enough the word "although". She has an  MA in Creative Advertising. She doesn't have any awards yet, so she invented one. She went viral by launching the LION ARSE AWARD. She wrote a feature film script. Not all of it. 


She has 5 years of experience in the industry, 3 of them in UK. She likes puns and clean design. Even though she is not a designer she has a million pending drafts. She read the book SAPIENS, A brief history of humankind. She feels smarter after that. She is a voluntary translator for a Greek NGO Archelon, a sea turtle protection. She loves animals - extinct and living species - and salty food. She also likes even stuff and standup comedy. Vasiliki means royal in Greek. 




Senior Art Director @HubbleHQ

October 18 • Present • London

Freelance Art Director @brightagency

September 18 • London

Freelance Art Director @Magnafi

September 18 • London

Freelance Art Director @CULT LDN

July 2018 •  August 2018 • London


Freelance Creative @The Elephant Room

June 2018 • July 2018 • London


Freelance Art Director @TMWUnlimited... 

Nov 2017 • Feb 2018 • London


Art Director @Therapy

Mar 2017 • Nov 2017 • London


Associate Creative @House of Greenland

Aug 2016 • Jan 2017 • London


Freelance Art Director @Razorfish

Aug 2016 • London


Art Director @Fallon

Jun 2016 • Aug 2016 • London


Art Director @Leagas Delaney

May 2016 • Jun 2016 • London


Art Director @NOW

Apr 2016 • May 2016 • London


Freelance Art Director @NBC_Universal

Jul 2015 • Aug 2015 • London


Art Director @MullenLowe

Jul 2015 • Aug 2015 • London


Creative Copywriter @A_code advertising

Nov 2011 • Nov 2013 • Athens




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