Hi there! I’m Vasiliki Katsarou, a Senior Creative Art Director based in London and Athens.

(but mostly London)

As a Creative Solo (art+copy), I've been freelancing, working in agencies, in-house(s) -literally, thanks Covid- and I've got a collective understanding for any form of creative service. Been there, done that. **insert check emoji here**


Prior to freelancing, I most recently worked in-house as a Creative Lead at HubbleHQ. I’ve also worked for Google, Amazon as well as several ad agencies including Fallon London, MullenLowe Profero, and NOW and moreI have 8 years of experience in creative roles both B2C and B2B,developing and managing campaigns, recruiting, and leading creative work. Nominated for SheSays Awards '15.


Since Oct 2018, I've been building and leading the creative department at HubbleHQ.

I was hired initially as a Digital Art Director where I helped the team to launch their first-ever OOH campaign. The success of the campaign and the high demand for our services pushed us to rebrand the company and create a story that's meaningful with a visual language representing our values. I built a team of freelance copywriters, UX copywriters, graphic designers, and editors. A data-driven environment where I had to collaborate closely with the tech team to improve the product, design, produce and launch off-line and on-line ads, and designing storyboards.


Launching a digital ad campaign in the USA for Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

After their successful launch last April, Amazon's Prime Wardrobe are launching another social media push, highlighting the core benefits of their new service. Try before you buy it.


Supporting print campaign targeting gym showers.

Femfresh is the expert of your vulvar skin and has been specially designed to care for its unique pH. In order to catch the audience’s attention right at the point of use, we created locker and shower posters at the gym.



Designing and promoting Virgin's animation


A short promotion video that I led the design of the illustrations and the storyline for the digital campaign of Virgin’s full-day conference where people made breakthrough changes.


15 countries.1 campaign. Promoting Digital

Garage by Google.

An European digital campaign launched just before Christmas to help Google promote their new free training course with Digital Garage. During this campaign, I led the graphic designers and I wrote the copy to run it with.


Branding a brand new tennis tournament event in Greece.

While I was in Greece, a client approached me to collaborate on his new initiative in the field of tennis. A new form of tennis tournaments that everybody wins in a weekend. Also, the tournaments would be recorded so the players have the chance to improve their game.


Google Digital Garage - Africa

Google followed the perspectives of several professionals in Nigeria who were trained from the Digital Garage platform and sparked their careers. Sharing their journeys on this beautiful digital era in Africa.

Production Company / Agency - House of Greenland 

Producer/Director - Xavier Carbo


Vasiliki say it with me: vas •  ill •  eek  • key ] as a creative she switches between copy and art, depending on how dominant her creative partner is. Her favorite word is "premises", and she thinks that she doesn't use enough the word "although". She doesn't have any awards yet, so she invented one. She went viral by launching the LionArse Award. She likes puns and clean design. She loves animals - extinct and living species - and salty food. Vasiliki means royal in Greek. 

You can reach out to her
email: vasilikikts@gmail.com
call: 07511398049

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Reborn a glass company.

I've always enjoyed the branding process and the birth of new visual ways to communicate your business, your values, and your aesthetics. So, I partnered up with Rebla Glass (located in Kuwait) to work on their new brand identity. Rebla Glass was founded with an entrepreneurial vision in 1995, they developed their movement around the special glass needs of the architectural market and interior design.